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Application Engineering

We at Ledil want to help our valued customers to find the best possible optical solution, meeting the high requirements of the application.

To enable this, our application engineers offer support at different levels:

1. Help you to use our illumination simulation files in the best way. For instance, after downloading IES files from our website, you can send your DIALux or other standard simulation project file back to us for double-checking or further development.

2. If you know what you want in terms of the LED to used - i.e. the number of them, the mechanical and electrical setup - our application engineers can prepare a DIALux project for your use, or only send the printouts for your evaluation

3. We are building up a database of example projects showing what, for instance, can be achieved by using our lenses in real-life applications.



Wide variety of street lighting cases are made possible with Ledil products. Detailed information available from our Strada-family lenses, especially designed for street lighting. Browse information by led manufacturer from our document database.

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With a tool as versatile as Led lighting, building any kind of outdoor lighting is possible. We have a lot of experiences from variety of projects, please contact us to let us help you with yours!



LED tube / Nichia 183  /Tina-N83-WW


Tunnel Lighting / Cree XP-E / Strada-B
Backlight Billboard / Luxeon Rebel / Lotta-RE



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2013 Christmas Contest

It's that time of Year again! Send us an image and short description of how You have used or abused our optics. Three best submissions will receive our very special exclusive X-mas surprise gift. Your idea needs to reach Santa by December 24th to be in! All participants will receive a seasonal limited edition LENA-X-Mas reflector.

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XMAS 2013