Choose the right optics for effective fashion retail lighting

Presenter: Tero Mäkinen - Business Development Manager

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LEDiL Webcast Q & A: How to choose the right optics for effective fashion retail lighting


So, should I go for lens or reflector?

That depends on the desired visual effect you want to achieve. Reflectors and linear lenses both work well in low contrast lighting while spot and Dark Light lenses allow high contrast lighting.
While lenses will form an ever more important part of effective fashion retail lighting, reflectors still have a future in traditional low contrast lighting environments.


In your opinion, is there any one lens in your current portfolio that stands out at the moment?

We have many good spot lenses available, but at the moment if I would just have to pick one that I’m most proud of, it would be ILONA. Mainly because of its combination of high center candela power effect and efficiency. But there are other options as well and more coming.


In the fitting room, could you put the lights behind the mirror to reduce glare?

We have already seen solutions in retail environments where the luminaires are integrated behind or in the on the sides of mirror. However, this creates the challenge that the light source needs to be hidden to avoid direct glare. The recommended approach is to avoid bright light sources directly in centre field of view in order to avoid glare. Therefore, it is better to have light coming from the sides and slightly front of the customer.


Will we be seeing high contrast lighting in other environments e.g. in grocery stores or in hypermarkets in the future?

Yes, actually high contrast lighting can already be seen in supermarkets as well. Retail lighting is all about creating excitement and that makes high contrast lighting ideal.


How do the lenses effect IES TM-30-15 data?

IES TM-30-15 is a system for measuring and communicating a light sources’ colour rendering properties. All our lenses are made from material which has a flat transfer characteristic across the visible light spectrum. So, LEDiL lenses will not be altering light colour or colour rendition at all.


What is the most secure mounting of the lens? Tape or pins?

Pins are used for correct positioning of the lens in relation to the LED and thus simplify the assembly process. We are offering double sided adhesive tape for our smaller lenses, which has been thoroughly tested against vibrations, heat, UV etc. and ensures secure fastening in the normal use. Our larger lenses usually come with other mounting options such as screws. And of course, if you are concerned about the tape, you can use glue to secure the lenses in place.


What glue would you recommend?

In regards of compatible materials please refer to our Installation Guide. We will also investigate what information related to compatible 3rd party materials we can share on our websites’ support section and update it accordingly.


Even though correlated colour temperature is obviously application specific, which CCT offers the best general solution?

Choosing the correct CCT depends entirely on the application and the desired lighting effect and is usually specified by lighting designer. Our lenses are CCT agnostic and can be used with any colour temperature light sources.

Thank you all for your active participation and great questions. Should there be any additional questions that you need an answer to, please click here. to contact us, we will be happy to help you!