Area and car park lighting

Introduction to area and car park lighting

Area lighting applications typically include large open air spaces that require broad, uniform illumination. Car parks must have good illuminance levels for visibility and safety, but at the same time minimize light trespass. Outdoor areas such as harbours and airports have very high poles – 30 meters and higher – that have to illuminate wide areas efficiently and without glare on employees working with heavy machinery. Petrol stations, drive-through and other outdoor canopy lighting applications all need to have efficient area lighting without wasting light, and therefore energy, on the surroundings.

Typical beam spreads required in Area Lighting applications:

IESNA Type III, IV and V


The latest LED technology allows the use of lower wattage luminaires that provide as much, if not more illuminance, than older technologies. Due to their small size and high performance LEDs provide more freedom in fixture design and have also become an attractive solution for bigger stadium and sports field lighting. In high mast installations maintenance can be expensive, time consuming and very difficult, but thanks to the LEDs longer lifetime these costs can be reduced significantly.