Industrial lighting

Introduction to industrial lighting

If the wheels of industry are to keep turning the lights need to stay on. But industrial lighting is not just about lighting big halls, machinery or production lines; it is also about providing light for the people that need it to do their work. Having the latest equipment, high-tech facilities and necessary signage in place is not enough if they cannot be seen, and the wrong colour temperature or intensity in areas that require precision can reduce productivity. Getting the lux levels right on surfaces that need to be seen clearly, while at the same time reducing energy consumption is a necessity – especially in large scale projects. Furthermore smart lighting can be used to reduce lighting where and when it is not needed. Good industrial lighting can make daily work easier, safer and more productive.

Once lighting levels are fit for purpose, there are three other main elements that need special attention in industrial lighting: Energy consumption, lifetime and maintenance. Especially on big projects these expenses can easily multiply. Thanks to LEDs the costs in these three areas can be reduced significantly. LEDs have a very long lifetime, require much less maintenance and are very energy efficient, providing more light with less heat, which can also result in much lower cooling needs.