Ratos company LEDiL to acquire Ingemann ComponentsNew beams and products – May 2024Square or round, it’s all about your preferenceLEDiL Optics Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. receives Top performers in China AwardNew LEDiL HQ addressTHEIA – The goddess of lightDALINE-10 ‒ Miniature Dark Light sophisticationNew products – February 2024VIOLET-12X1 gets oval light distributionSTRADA-IP-24 – ME & SCL, making the most versatile even more versatileNew solder clip connection for fast and secure lens installationKimmo Rauhala appointed new CEO of LEDiLNew products – December, 2023ROSE keeps performing – 3rd generation now availableADELY – premium reflector for easy and adaptable luminaire designsNew products – November, 2023STRADA-2X2 & ME3 – Going the distanceReinforcing sales in KoreaNew beams and products – October 2023SPORT-2X2 – All you need to knowNew products – September, 2023BELLA-SQ – Half the light, twice the impact for the most efficient bollard lightingNot shy of competition – SPORT-IP-24More sales power for FranceUnleash your creativity with new DAISY modulesNew products – August, 2023AMY WAS – The best COB wall-washer optics on the marketNew products – June, 2023HB-2X3 – Ready to sell millions of luminaires?FILIPPA – New LED lens for StVZO compatible bicycle lightingEnjoy the lighter side of office life with BRIANNANew products – May, 2023LINDA-10 – Linear light control in a pure and compact formYASMEEN-35 – superior light quality in a petite sizeOur bright star YASMEEN now features a new, improved holderNew products – March/April, 2023Zoom goes slim with AMY zoomDAISY-7X1-BW for uniform, glare-free office lightingThe ultimate real spot beams with YASMEEN and AMYNew products – January, 2023Zoom gets smaller with AMY-25-ZOOMNew products – December 13, 2022AMY-110 – for slim and elegant wide diameter downlightsThe perfect office worker just got smaller, DAISY-MINI-FT-DDAISY-MINI-3X1 – where modularity and flexibility meetAMY oval – the smart choice for aisle lightingCreate biologically sustainable lighting with LEDiL AMBER lensesNew products – November 16, 2022VERONICA-SQ-WG Façade beauty accentuatedNew products – September 15, 2022New products – June 29, 2022YASMEEN zoom optics receive BrightStar AwardADELIA – visual perfectionSTRADA-IP-24 – Real value for luminaire designers and end-usersYASMEEN zoom – always optimised lightingYASMEEN zoom optics win Design Plus awardSuperb light quality with compact LEILA-Y and TINA-Y opticsMeet the perfect office worker, DAISY-7X1-FT-DNew products – April 13, 2022STRADELLA-8-HV-ME3 – +20 % more efficient street lightingNew Operations DirectorLINDA-40 – versatile 40 mm free pitch extrusionNew products – December 2, 2021The future of light is dark – LEDiL DAISYNew products – November 2, 2021ZOE-30-ZOOM – Optimal adaptability for changing conditionsAMY-35-ZOOM – Compact zoom lens for miniature designsNew products – October 21, 2021SPORT-2X2-S1 – Our narrowest, most powerful sport beam + new optic material for higher temperaturesNew agent for TurkeyVICTORIA-MINI – High lumens in a smaller sizeNew products – August 12, 2021New Products – July 15, 2021LEDiL AMY, the perfect choice for slim, elegant luminaire designsPerfecting luminaires with multi-use DAISY Dark Light opticsNew products – May 19, 2021Boost your luminaire efficiency and output with the new STRADA-IP-24 familyNew products – February 18, 2021VIOLETTA – Small silicone lenses for UV-C applicationsEMERALD – New optics for emergency lightingNEW PRODUCTS – DECEMBER 15, 2020AMY-50 – low profile COB lens for compact luminairesLINNEA-GC2 – aesthetic low glare linear optic for retail and industrial lightingTwo new STRADA beams for European roadsSTRADELLA-IP-64 – New ingress protected mid-power platformVIOLET gets narrower and wider beams to target more UV-C light on pathogensNEW PRODUCTS – OCTOBER 22, 2020YASMEEN – supreme light quality and beam controlSTRADA-2X2-SHD – Blocks backlight in 20+ LEDiL lensesSOLDER-CLIP – A new fast and easy lens mounting solutionNEW PRODUCTS – AUGUST 6, 2020SPORT-2X2 – the right light for any sports activityDAISY-7X1-ZT25 for stylish, compact aisle track fixturesHEKLA-G2 – solderless connection getting easierLEDiL update under COVID-19VIOLET – silicone optic for UV-C applicationsNEW PRODUCTS – APRIL 28, 2020LEDiL new luminance-based STRADA-2X2 beams for European roadsSomething innovative coming − LEDiL Last-Time-Buy dealsKimmo Rauhala, the New Head of LEDiL’s Commercial Business OperationsLEDiL CEO’s Q&A update on Covid-19 impactJoin LEDiL virtual training for demonstrations of DAISY-MINI and ILONA-ZOOMInfluence of increasing freight cost on LEDiL deliveriesStatus update: LEDiL’s global way of working during coronavirus measuresMeet DAISY-MINI – the smallest LEDiL Dark Light optic in the worldThe best zoom optic on the market – ILONA-ZOOMLEDiL Status Update: Deliveries on time, no coronavirus impactDAISY – the definitive LEDiL Dark Light family for indoor lightingLEDiL Status update: Update on potential coronavirus impact on deliveriesLEDiL status update: Update on potential coronavirus impact on deliveriesSAKURA – our new silicone lens can really take the heatLEDiL Status update: Update on potential coronavirus impact on deliveriesLEDiL status update: Update on potential coronavirus impact on deliveriesLEDiL status update: Potential coronavirus impact on deliveriesNew Products 2020-01-24ELISE, the easy connect reflector for retail lightingWatch the recording of the webcast “Choose the right optics for effective fashion retail lighting” by Tero MäkinenNew Products 2020-1-9LINNEA-2R – the efficient industrial lighting solution for 2-row boardsNew Products 2019-12-16ELLA – a new family of compact reflectors for miniature luminairesJuha Päivärinta appointed new Business Director at LEDiLMore lumens with less watts on your street using STRADELLA-8-CSPNew Products 2019-11-14New Products 2019-11-07Petteri Saarinen new CEO of LEDiLLEDiL obtains a preliminary injunction against DarkooNew Products 2019-09-24LEDiL optics and new B+W Hybrid 630 COB holdersDAISY diffused lensesNew Products – 2019-08-27New street and high bay beamsMX series the ultimate in street area car park and industrial lighting opticsWatch the recording of the webcast “Lighting that Sells in Supermarkets” by Tero MäkinenILONA TIR lens family for highly efficient retail lightingALISE from LEDiL, aluminum reflectors for retail lightingDAISY optics deliver elegant, human centric lightingNew Products 2019-06-13DAISY the linear solution for premium class office lightingLINDA industrial scale extrusion optic for precise retail lightingNew Products – 2019-03-21Linear lighting solutionsNew Products – 2019-01-31LILIAN the narrow optic for architectural lightingNew members of the JENNY family for sports field lightingLEDiL® Oy continues to develop operations by acquiring Delivered Limited, a global logistics provider in Hong KongLEDiL has a new Sales Director for Greater ChinaKauppi Kujala is the new COO of LEDiLNew Products – 2018-12-20CARMEN-90 – A diamond for narrow, spot beam applicationsGABRIELLA-MIDI – RGB and tunable white colour mixing lensMOLLY Winner in German Design Award 2019NEW PRODUCTS – 2018-11-23Samsung chooses LEDiL to be LED optics partnerNEW PRODUCTS – 2018-11-13LINNEA-GC-90 The aesthetically pleasing choice for retail lighting applicationsIRIE The low profile IR lens for near field applicationsCLAUDIA The affordable choice for supermarket and retail lightingDAHLIA for horticultural lightingLEDiL has a new Nordic Sales Manager and Distributor ManagerNEW PRODUCTS – 2018-09-13VICTORIA – LED optic for industrial LED lightingDAISY – Brilliance without the glareLEIA – LED optic for architectural lightingNew Products 2018-08-20New Products 2018-07-06PRODUCT NEWS – CARMEN-50PRODUCT NEWS – CARMEN-RSPRODUCT NEWS – STRADA-SQPRODUCT NEWS – STRADA-2X2-FS3PRODUCT NEWS – LINNEA-ZT25 AND Z2T25PRODUCT NEWS – STRADA-2X2CSPPRODUCT NEWS – HB-2X2-ONPRODUCT NEWS – STRADA-2X2-T2-CPRODUCT NEWS – STRADA-IP-2X6-DWC-BPRODUCT NEWS – STRADELLA-T4-B AND STRADELLA-8-T1-APRODUCT NEWS – XTM-ADAPTER-50-BPRODUCT NEWS – STRADA-IP-2X6-T2-B-90 AND -T3-B-90PRODUCT NEWS – STRADA-2X2S-T3PRODUCT NEWS – STRADA-2X2MXSPRODUCT NEWS – STRADELLA-16PRODUCT NEWS – MOLLYPRODUCT NEWS – CARMENPRODUCT NEWS – LINNEA-OPRODUCT NEWS – STRADA-2X2MX-T2-SPRODUCT NEWS – STRADA-IP-2X6-SCLPRODUCT NEWS – STRADA-IP-2X6-T4-BPRODUCT NEWS – STRADA-2X2MX-SCLPRODUCT NEWS – CARMENPRODUCT NEWS – RONDAPRODUCT NEWS – ZORYAPRODUCT NEWS – STRADA-2X2MXS-DWC2PRODUCT NEWS – FLORENCE-OPRODUCT NEWS – RONDAPRODUCT NEWS – RONDA-WAS2 AND -OPRODUCT NEWS – SAGA-SPRODUCT NEWS – FLORENTINA-4X1PRODUCT NEWS – TINA2-O-WASPRODUCT NEWS – FLORENCE-1R-GC-Z90PRODUCT NEWS – STRADA-SQ-FS3PRODUCT NEWS – FLORENCE2-Z60PRODUCT NEWS – SURIPRODUCT NEWS – OLGAPRODUCT NEWS – XTM-ADAPTER-50-APRODUCT NEWS – STRADELLA-IP-28PRODUCT NEWS – LINNEA-UPPRODUCT NEWS – FLORENCE2PRODUCT NEWS – STELLA-RSPRODUCT NEWS – GABRIELLAPRODUCT NEWS – LINNEA-60PRODUCT NEWS – 2X2MXPRODUCT NEWS – ZORYA-MINIPRODUCT NEWS – FLORENCE-3R-IPPRODUCT NEWS – STRADA-2X2-FW AND IP-2X6-FWPRODUCT NEWS – STRADA-2X2-MEWPRODUCT NEWS – STRADA-SQ-T2-BPRODUCT NEWS – FLORENCE-1R-GCPRODUCT NEWS – LINNEA-90PRODUCT NEWS – STRADELLA-CYPRODUCT NEWS – STRADELLA-8-VSM AND –SCLPRODUCT NEWS – STELLA-HB-WWWPRODUCT NEWS – STELLA-VSMPRODUCT NEWS – ROSE-MRKPRODUCT NEWS – STRADA-2X2-CAT-BPRODUCT NEWS – FLORENTINA-OPENPRODUCT NEWS – FLORENTINA-1PRODUCT NEWS – FLORENCE-ZT25-SPRODUCT NEWS – BROOKE-G2PRODUCT NEWS – VIRPIPRODUCT NEWS – STRADA-IP-2X6-T2-B AND T3-BPRODUCT NEWS – STRADELLA FAMILYPRODUCT NEWS – STRADA-IP-2X6-VSMPRODUCT NEWS – OLIVIA-SPRODUCT NEWS – JENNY-T4PRODUCT NEWS – IDAPRODUCT NEWS – VERONICA-SQ-MINIPRODUCT NEWS – STELLA-T4PRODUCT NEWS – BARBARA-PF-RZPRODUCT NEWS – XTM-PF-ADAPTERPRODUCT NEWS – STRADA-2X2-NHSPRODUCT NEWS – HB-IP-2X6-OPRODUCT NEWS – FLARE-MAXI-TPRODUCT NEWS – LEILA-WASPRODUCT NEWS – HB-2X2 FOR CREE XP-L AND XM-L LEDSPRODUCT NEWS – FLORENCE-1RPRODUCT NEWS – FLORENCE-Z30PRODUCT NEWS – STRADA-2X2-T1PRODUCT NEWS – STELLA-DWC2PRODUCT NEWS – G2-ROSE-UVPRODUCT NEWS – ANGELETTEPRODUCT NEWS – STRADA-2X2-T4-BPRODUCT NEWS – HB-2X2MX-MPRODUCT NEWS – OLIVIA-MPRODUCT NEWS – STRADA-2X2-SCLPRODUCT NEWS – FLORENCE-1RPRODUCT NEWS – G2-ROSE-UVPRODUCT NEWS – HB-IP-2X6-RSPRODUCT NEWS – LUCIA-SPRODUCT NEWS – STRADA-SQ-T3BPRODUCT NEWS – STRADA-2X2-PXLPRODUCT NEWS – STRADA-2X2MX-VSMPRODUCT NEWS – FLORENTINA-2X2PRODUCT NEWS – WINNIE-OPRODUCT NEWS – STRADA-2X2-VSMPRODUCT NEWS – STRADA-2X2-CATPRODUCT NEWS – STRADA-2X2-TFPRODUCT NEWS – 2X2MX MODULESPRODUCT NEWS – STELLA-FRESNELPRODUCT NEWS – STRADA-SQ-ANZPRODUCT NEWS – Philips Fortimo FastFlex Gen3PRODUCT NEWS – FLORENCE-1R-UPPRODUCT NEWS – VANESSAPRODUCT NEWS – STRADA-SQPRODUCT NEWS – MIRELLAPRODUCT NEWS – FLORENCEPRODUCT NEWS – HB-2X2-OPRODUCT NEWS – HB-IP-2X6-WPRODUCT NEWS – DLC COMPLIANT HIGH BAY LENSESPRODUCT NEWS – LENA AND LENINAPRODUCT NEWS – LISA2PRODUCT NEWS – MIRELLAPRODUCT NEWS – 2X2 LENS ARRAYSPRODUCT NEWS – LISA2-RPRODUCT NEWS – MINNIE FOR CREE MT-G LEDPRODUCT NEWS – JULIA-APRODUCT NEWS – STRADA-F SERIESPRODUCT NEWS – RITA-APRODUCT NEWS – SYSTEM REFLECTORSPRODUCT NEWS – STELLA-APRODUCT NEWS – BILLIE-APRODUCT NEWS – STRADA-SQ-T-DWCPRODUCT NEWS – PETUNIAPRODUCT NEWS – SECOND GENERATION OF ROSE, LAURA AND LEILA OPTICSPRODUCT NEWS – SAGA-HB-IP-WHTPRODUCT NEWS – VERONICAPRODUCT NEWS – SANDRAPRODUCT NEWS – ANGELA AND ANGELINAPRODUCT NEWS – LARISAPRODUCT NEWS – HELENAPRODUCT NEWS – EMERALD-APRODUCT NEWS – STRADA-T-6X1-DWCPRODUCT NEWS – VIRPIPRODUCT NEWS – FLARE-MINI-AD AND -MAXI-DPRODUCT NEWS – LENA-WASPRODUCT NEWS – RITA-WASPRODUCT NEWS – STRADA-IP-2X6-DWCPRODUCT NEWS – WHITE REFLECTORSPRODUCT NEWS – ZOWIE-MINIPRODUCT NEWS – STRADA-SQ-VSMPRODUCT NEWS – STRADA-T-6X1-DWCPRODUCT NEWS – FLORENCE-3R ACCESSORIESPRODUCT NEWS – STRADA-2X2-ME-WIDEPRODUCT NEWS – FLORENTINAPRODUCT NEWS – FLORENCE-1R-MAXI-WGPRODUCT NEWS – EMERALD-MAXI-APRODUCT NEWS – WINNIEPRODUCT NEWS – JENNY-CY AND -8X1-CYPRODUCT NEWS – STRADA-2X2-PXPRODUCT NEWS – CRYSTALPRODUCT NEWS – GERI-RZPRODUCT NEWS – ROSE-UVPRODUCT NEWS – KIKI-APRODUCT NEWS – SANDRA-12-OPRODUCT NEWS – MINNIE-LTPRODUCT NEWS – HB-IP-2X6-WWWPRODUCT NEWS – ANGELETTE-WASPRODUCT NEWS – FLORENCE-1RPRODUCT NEWS – SHELLYPRODUCT NEWS – BARBARA-PFPRODUCT NEWS – RITA-A-RZ AND -WAS-RZPRODUCT NEWS – BLONDIEPRODUCT NEWS – TATIANALEDiL has a new Business Development Manager and Marketing DirectorPRODUCT NEWS – STELLA-G2PRODUCT NEWS – STRADELLA-IP-16Jan Pettersson is the new CFO of LEDiLNew Products – 2018-05-09Horticultural lightingPRESS RELEASE – Jyri Järvinen new CEO of LEDiLPRESS RELEASE – LEDiL® Ltd continues the tradition of global success of Salo based companiesLEDiL awarded with the technology award at the 20th anniversary celebration in the Guangzhou International Lighting Fair 2015LEDiL workgroup awarded with The Finnish Engineering AwardLEDiL one of three Finnish companies that have been awarded the Internationalization Award of the President of the RepublicLEDiL Oy succeeds in the Finnish Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year awards programLEDiL Oy awarded in the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur Of The Year competitionHEKLA – Innovative family of sockets and solderless connectorsWelcome to the all-new LEDiL websitePRODUCT NEWS – 2X2 FOR LUXEON MZ