Smart lighting as a turnkey solution.



“LEDiL’s optics turns light into world class lighting”

GREENLED’s Designer


When GREENLED started their business LEDs were not a commonly accepted lighting solution and technical opposition was everyday life. The first luminaires they made were based on simple and widely used mirror optics, as they didn’t have the resources or know-how for anything else. Optics were acquired from Chinese manufacturers, but the quality wasn’t right and their solutions did not meet the company’s values and vision about world-class lighting. The concept, service and vision were well established, but the biggest challenge was still the light itself.



In 2012, two Finnish light industry professionals met at a big international lighting fair. One was focused on enhancing their customers’ business by providing sustainable lighting solutions. The other on developing and manufacturing world-class components – LED optics. Around the same time GREENLED had decided to transfer production back from China to Finland. The seeds for future collaboration between these two Finnish companies had been planted. Eventually, around the beginning of 2015 GREENLED decided to make the jump to using LEDiL optics in their products. “It is very important for us that the comprehensive solution we provide is based on high quality, functional components. You don’t have to know and make everything by yourself. The key is to choose the best suppliers and build around that to meet your customer’s needs.” says Vesa Vähänen, GREENLED’s Development Manager and continues. “We wanted to collaborate with the best and not to make compromises on quality. LEDiL optics made the results unmistakably better and our solutions extremely good.”


GREENLED’s trademark from the very beginning has been to offer a completely care-free lighting solution that doesn’t require big investments, and gives more time for the customer to focus on their own core business and process development. Energy efficient luminaires, remote monitoring, utilization reports are all part of the package that GREENLED provides. But is that enough? “Who do you make the lights for? For people or for DIALux simulation?” – challenges Vesa. ”The light quality must be at a level where it supports the customer’s business. Everything starts from light. If the lighting is made poorly then wellbeing in the space is also poor.” Rough cutoffs, blatantly vertical surfaces, obscure or otherwise horrible floor lighting – all of these are things that can be hard to notice before being in the actual environment. Even seeing the results beforehand on the screen may not necessarily be enough to be able to evaluate the lighting correctly. “The best way for customers to see the difference in practice is with their own eyes, but this may require having two identical stores with different lighting solutions.” As Finland’s leading comprehensive LED lighting solution provider GREENLED has experience from hundreds of lighting solutions for different industries. “The most important role is the quality of lighting, and the selected optics has a direct effect on this outcome.”


Compared to the starting point when LED technology was in its infancy now we just talk about how to implement it. “The importance of light quality is increasing all the time, and this is also combined to a growing extent with the appearance of products. The price itself doesn’t tell how successful the lighting is.” Lighting as a Service (LaaS) is also the basis of GREENLEDs operation and is also seen as a growing business in the future. When people’s awareness of what is good lighting increases, the importance of giving good and comprehensive service to customers also increases. Modern lighting is already a sum of many factors and relying on experts becomes vital. This is also the reason why GREENLED has used top designers for their lighting projects and been involved in LEDiL’s LINNEA product family development. Their goal is to make high-quality cost-effective customer oriented lighting.