Fridge lighting with SHELLY-WAS and -N

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These demonstrations have bee made with Nichia NCSx119A (High power) and NF2x757A (Mid power) LEDs. A 5 mm high plastic strip was attached on front of each lens to prevent glare.


Setup 1:

SHELLY-N optics attached to the fridge ceiling just in front of the shelves.
SHELLY-WAS optics attached on the ceiling 100-150 mm from the back wall.

Setup 2:

One SHELLY-T-6X1-N cut into three 2X1 pieces, a good solution allowing more possibilities to find balanced lighting for every area in the fridge. Lenses were attached to the hinge side and a small plastic strip was added to prevent glare. Optics were installed 140 to 160 mm apart.

Setup 3:

Three 2X1 pieces of SHELLY-T-6X1-N with glare preventing strips on each side giving a completely uniform and even illumination to the whole interior.


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