Warehouse lighting with LINNEA-GC

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Application: Warehouse lighting
Optics: LINNEA-GC-90
LED: Samsung LM561B Plus
Luminaire size: L: 2400 mm / W: 60 mm / H: 50 mm
Luminous flux (Luminaire): 8000 lm
Power (Luminaire): 50 W
Luminaire efficiency: 160 lm/W (Incl. optics 90 % and driver 95 %)
Luminaire spacing (all areas): 3.6 x 3.3 m
Low installation area  
Mounting height: 3.5 m
Shelf spacing: 2.1 m
Shelf height: 2 m
Number of luminaires: 36 pcs
High installation area  
Mounting height: 4.5 m
Number of luminaires: 14 pcs
Open space  
Mounting height: 3.5 m
Number of luminaires: 16 pcs


Low installation area  
Average (Floor between the shelves): 380 lx
Uo: 0.87
UGR: 22
Average (Shelf): 370 lx
Uo (Shelf): 0.70
High installation area  
Average (Floor): 370 lx
Average (3 m high shelf): 180 lx
Uo: 0.50
Uo (3 m high shelf): 0.50
UGR: 21
Open space  
Average (Floor): 470 lx
Uo: 0.75
UGR: 23

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