Pedestrian crossings with STRADA-2X2-PX and -PXL

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  • Special optics designed for illuminating pedestrian crossings, no need for directing poles separately
  • Adequate illumination and contrast on a vertical plane, making it easier for drivers to notice crossing pedestrian over a longer distance
  • PX for right and PXL for left side traffic
  • Designed to meet official European pedestrian crossing requirements
  • Highly uniform illumination on the crossing area


Application: Pedestrian crossing
Requirements: DIN 67523 compliant illuminance levels on the pedestrian crossings
Optics: STRADA-2X2-PX and -PXL
Luminous flux (luminaire): 5170 lm
Boom length: 0 m
Distance pole to roadway: 0.55 m
Overhang: -0.55 m
Road width: 8 m
Installation height: 6 m


Ev center line: 38 lx
Ev min: 5 lx
Minimum requirements DIN 67 523:  
Ev: > 30 lx
Ev min: > 4 lx

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