Wall grazing with FLORENCE-1R-MAXI-WG

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  • Good color reproduction
  • Uniform wall performance with optimal vertical depth and horizontal wideness
  • No tilting required and illumination starts already from the mounting level
  • Optics can be installed very close (10 to 20 cm) to the wall
  • Optimal distance from wall depend on the wall height and the desired contrast level between the wall and other areas
  • Can be used as single unit to highlight a certain zone or as a continuous row for overall wall wash illumination
  • It is highly recommended to cover wall-side wire outlets with the fixture design
  • For maximum efficiency avoid placing LEDs right under the cutting zone
  • Dedicated installation clips available for quick and reliable fastening


Application: Wall grazing
Mounting height: 2.4 m
Distance from wall: 15 cm
Luminous flux (LED module): 1000 lm
Arrangement: Continuous row


Average: 372 lx
Max: 680 lx
Uo: 0.44

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