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Ultraviolet light is a range of wavelengths just below the visible light range. It is divided into three different bands, with UV-C starting from 200 nm and going all the way up to 280 nm. As the DNA and RNA of most bacteria and viruses are most sensitive to radiation between 260−270 nm, (germicidal effectiveness goes up to 310 nm) UV-C light is capable of killing them, acting as a contactless, chemical-free disinfectant.


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HEALTH WARNING: UV-C is a high energy form of radiation, exposure to which is a possible health risk to humans and can also harm some materials. High dosages of UV-C can lead to serious burns, skin cancer etc. Very short UV wavelengths also produce ozone and can be considered a health risk at higher concentrations. As UV-C light is completely invisible to the human eye, it is good practice to incorporate some visible light LEDs such as blue to indicate your light source is turned on.