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LEDiL’s Bright and Dark Light solutions in office lighting – the differences and benefits


Type of Event: Webcast
Time: Available Now
Presenter Henri Uutela, Business Development Manager

When it comes to office, good lighting is crucial for our well-being, productivity, and creativity. LEDiL recognises this importance and has developed two innovative office lighting solutions: Dark Light and Bright Light. Our Dark Light optics, including DAISY and FLORENTINA, provide near invisible light sources, reducing glare and creating a pleasant and visually appealing environment. Alternatively, our Bright Light solutions, such as BRIANNA, are often preferred for their visible optical surfaces that provide comfortable lighting from any angle.

Join us in this webcast as we explore the differences and benefits of LEDiL’s Bright and Dark Light solutions. We will dive into the unique features of each solution, whether you lean towards the invisible light source of our Dark Light optics or the uniform lighting surface of our Bright Light optics. Uncover the possibilities and discover the perfect fit for your office lighting needs.



Henri Uutela

Your webinar presenter, Henri Uutela, is a renowned lighting and optics expert at LEDiL, boasting an impressive 13 years of experience in the LED optics market. As a Business Development Manager, he works closely with customers and partners within the shared ecosystem of light. With a keen eye on emerging concepts and trends, Henri is passionate about engaging in discussions on achieving optimal lighting in various applications.