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Is LINDA compatible with Nichia module?

LINDA is compatible with all Zhaga linear modules up to 24 mm width, also the ones with Nichia LEDs.

If we use adjustable CCT module in linear lenses can these keep their quality?

We have optic families designed to mix light from different CCT LEDs together – Good examples are for example CLAUDIA, LINDA and DAISY families.

Do you produce ALISE for BJB and HEKLA connectors?

ALISE aluminium reflectors are designed to be flexible with regards to connector compatibility. Reflectors are mounted directly into luminaire body and the focal point can vary slightly to take into account different height connectors. You can achieve best results when using low profile connectors.

Will LEDiL linear optics support tunable white, as it becomes more widely used in supermarkets in the future?

Yes we have linear optics available that support tunable white like CLAUDIA, that can be used with two LED clusters under each lens to mix CCT. We have solutions side by side which are supporting tunable white and solutions that are designed for the optimum performance with single colour LEDs. We have noticed there is a trend of tunable white becoming more and more important because it can guide customer’s purchase behaviour and affect purchase activity by selecting the right light colour for the time of day and the situation. We are certainly going to release more products also in the future to support tunable white LEDs.

What is your best glare free solution for supermarket lighting?

Just a single solution? We have more than one, but which one is the best. The best is always a little bit dangerous, because good lighting is art of making the right compromises. You can’t know a single best solution until you know the project requirements. If you need to have something that is glare optimized then CLAUDIA is a very good choice. Even LINDA, although it is very small and narrow it is easy for your eyes with low glare when used with lower intensity levels/distance of the luminaire. If I would have to choose best, I would select CLAUDIA, FLORENCE-3R or LINNEA-GC depending on the project requirements.

What do you think about using MOLLY for aisle lighting?

It’s a matter of taste whether you use reflectors or lenses in your track luminaires – both have their pros and cons and you need to check the project requirements which type of optic is a better fit. MOLLY is doing quite nice job on concealing the LES of a COB and is less prone to point glare. Instead you have this nice Fresnel surface that is uniformly illuminated on the whole light exit window. On the other hand reflectors, especially ALISE can have lower glare compared to MOLLY. Anyway there is no technical reason to go for one or the other and with LEDiL modular solutions you can easily switch between both without redesigning your luminaire body.

Can you supply LINDA extrusion in different lengths?

Yes. We have two standard lengths available. 1140 mm for global markets, and 48 inch for the American markets. In addition we can supply LINDA in any custom lengths up to 6 meters. To order LINDA in custom lengths contact your local LEDiL sales representative.

Where do you distribute your luminaires?

We don’t manufacture and sell luminaires, only optics. If you visit our webpage on www.ledil.com/contacts/ you can find comprehensive listing of LEDiL sales and official distributors.

Is VICTORIA suitable for pole top luminaires?

VICTORIA light distributions are optimized for high bay lighting so your mileage may vary. If the excessive light just under the pole and shorter pole spacing are not a problem it can be used for pole top luminaires too. For most pole tops an optic with VSM light distribution may be better fit for the requirements.

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