LEDiL general installation guide
LEDiL General Installation Guide


The following instructions should be observed before using the product to ensure reliable assembly. Fastening can be done by using screw, tape or adhesive. Recommended operating temperature (PMMA) is -40°C to +80°C.

1. Heat sink machining
2. PCB Layout
3. Screw requirements
4. Assembly
5. Fastening


  • Cable holes and screw thread holes must be done before lens assembly.
  • Ensure that anodized heat sink surface is even
  • Correct thickness of the PCB is 1.6 mm (position pin lenght 1.1 mm)
  • Screw thread hole accuracy is +-0.1 mm
  • Screw vertical straightness tolerance is +-⊥0.1 mm A


  • Minimum of two (2) position pin holes are needed for accurate lens assembly, depending on the desired direction of the lens
  • If fastened with screws, at least one (1) is needed to attach lens from the middle, other four (4) places on the sides are optional
  • Recommended widht for position pin holes is 2.10 mm (-0 mm +0.1 mm)
  • Other position pin hole is oblong shaped, for the plus pin is for alignment and the minus pin prevents the lens from twisting


  • STRADA IP2x6 lens attachment screws are of type M3. (DIN 7985, ISO 7045/ISO 14583 TX)
  • Countersunk screw is not allowed
  • Self-tapping screws are not recommended

2x2 screw requirement


  • Optimal distance between STRADA-2X2 lens modules is 50.8 mm, so that the same spacing (25.4 mm) continues between optics
  • It is recommended to calculate the spacing using the position pin holes

2x2 assembly distance


Fastening can be made either with using screws, tape or adhesive

Please note: Like all PMMA lenses STRADA-2X2 is also prone to environmental stress cracking. Please make sure that chemicals used in the fixture manufacturing do not cause stress cracking risk with PMMA.


  • Maximum tightening torque for the center screw is 0.6 Nm
  • At least one screw (1) is needed to attach lens from the middle, other four (4) places on the sides are optional
  • Side optional four screw tightening torque need to define during assembly
    • Depending screw support
  • Note that when using screws for fastening, there can’t be anything flexible material between the lens and the PCB, for it my cause the lens to bend or crack


  • Recommended to use LEDiL tape C14151_STRADA-2X2-TAPE
  • Tapes can be used to absorb some of the vibration


  • Use thin layer of adhesive on the area marked in green
  • In automated process it is easier to put glue straight to the PCB

2x2 installation tape

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