30th of September 2019


LEDiL Ltd. specializes in innovative, efficient and effective, high quality LED optics. Since the company was founded in 2002, the LED industry has grown rapidly, bringing new possibilities to lighting manufacturers around the world. These possibilities include miniaturization, energy efficiency or even the ability to tune light to match circadian rhythm or plant growth, to name just a few.

LEDiL’s open collaboration with different lighting partners and customers has led to many new products that have shaped the industry. Now LEDiL, and many of their customers and partners, have encountered a growing number of counterfeit products on the market; some even bearing the LEDiL logo. LEDiL is increasing its activities to protect its intellectual property. On 16th of July 2018 Düsseldorf District Court issued a preliminary injunction against Darkoo Optics Co., Ltd. The injunction bans Darkoo from manufacturing, importing, using, selling, or offering for sale in Germany any products that infringe certain rights owned by LEDiL.

“We are continuously working to ensure our own products meet and exceed the expectations of our customers, but counterfeit products that haven’t passed our quality control are very likely to be substandard,” says Rami Huovinen, CEO of LEDiL Ltd. If you encounter products that you suspect might be infringing please contact us directly.


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LEDiL is an industry leading optics supplier to the world's largest lighting manufacturers. An extensive product range, innovative solutions, close cooperation with leading LED manufacturers and customer-oriented service have enabled LEDiL to become the market leader in its field.

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30th of September 2019