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New solder clip connection for fast and secure lens installation

LEILA-Y fastening with SOLDER-CLIP-2


Pressure to continually optimise production processes persists. In 2020, LEDiL addressed the needs of luminaire manufacturers by introducing a solder clip connection option for our popular lens family, LEILA. This innovation, LEILA-SC, is compatible with SOLDER-CLIP which distinguishes itself with numerous advantages over alternative fastening options.


Why choose a solder clip?

No shelf-life limit:

Unlike tape or glue, solder clips have no shelf life, ensuring worry-free storage.

Simple installation:

Provide a hassle-free fastening method for lenses, simplifying the assembly process.


Enable precise alignment and positioning of lenses for optimal performance.


Served on a reel, solder clips facilitate pick-and-place lens fastening in luminaire manufacturing.


Offer a cost-effective lens attachment solution, saving time and money in production.


Tested according to IEC 60598-1:2014 for rough-service luminaires.

A new improved solder clip connection


Through active engagement with our customers, we have consistently innovated around solder connections. We are excited to introduce a new, improved solder clip connection – SOLDER-CLIP-2. Compared to the initial generation of solder clips, SOLDER-CLIP-2 is larger, ensuring an exceptionally reliable fastening. Furthermore, it enables the convenient unfastening of lenses, when necessary, as demonstrated in the accompanying video.


SOLDER-CLIP-2 is now designed to work seamlessly with LEILA-Y-SC2 and additional optics will be supported in upcoming releases. LEILA-Y-SC2 is available in a range of six beams with exquisite beam control, making it an ideal choice for various types of architectural lighting. The optics are offered as an assembly of a lens and holder, available in two colours – black and white. LEILA-Y-SC2 is optimised for 3535 LED packages and is compatible with up to 5050 LED packages.


Upgrade to LEILA-Y-SC2 and enjoy the benefits of no shelf-life limit, simple installation, precision, automation-ready, cost-efficiency and security.


Product pages

Product pages

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2D or 3D files