January 28, 2020

Potential coronavirus impact on deliveries

As a precautionary measure LEDiL wants to address the current global situation relating to the spread of the new coronavirus in China and its potential impacts on delivery times. The spreading disease has resulted in safety measures that affect the infrastructure in China and is also likely to have an effect on moving goods and deliveries.

This force majeure type situation has arisen abruptly and has naturally caught everybody by surprise in ways that companies in the supply chain may not be able to fully prepare for. This means that the delivery times of some products and orders may be longer than usual.

In order to minimize the potential implications also LEDiL will monitor the situation and its effect on delivery times and keep you posted in case delivery delays arise!

LEDiL wants to express our deepest sympathy for the people and companies that are impacted by this situation. We hope that the current situation will be brought under control as fast as possible and the well-being and safety of the affected people is ensured.

January 28, 2020