The measured data in the provided downloadable LEDiL Product Datasheets and Mechanical 2D-Drawings is rounded and provided as reference for planning. LEDiL Oy’s optical specifications have been verified by conducting performance testing of the products in accordance with the company’s quality system. The reported data are averaged results of multiple measurements with typical variation. LEDiL Oy reserves the right to without prior notification make changes and improvements to its products.

LEDiL Oy assumes neither warranty, nor guarantee nor any other liability of any kind for the contents and correctness of the provided data. The provided data has been generated with highest diligence but the provided data may in reality not represent the complete possible variation range of all intrinsic parameters. Therefore, in certain cases a deviation from the provided data could occur.

LEDiL Oy reserves the right to undertake technical changes of its products without further notification which could lead to changes in the provided data. LEDiL Oy assumes no liability of any kind for the possible deviation from any provided data or any other damage resulting from the usage of the provided data.

The user agrees to this disclaimer and user agreement with the download or usage of the provided files.