LEDiL’s FLORENCE-1R family offers a vast selection of optic solutions for a range of lighting applications. Downlight, low-bay, uplight, mid-bay, aisle light, wall washer – you choose.

  • Linear optics that work with any distance between LEDs
  • Achieve sleek and uniform luminaire exterior by connecting lenses into continuous row with LEDiL retaining clips
  • Fastening options are glue and LEDiL retaining clips for hooks or screws, user specific custom retaining clips can be made on request
  • Can easily be snapped into single lenses
  • Designed with minimal glare in mind, further lowering of UGR with two additional shades available, C14519_ FLORENCE-1R-SHD-GR (grey) and C14593_FLORENCE-1R-SHD-BLK (black)

florence-1r compatibility drawing


  • C14353_FLORENCE-1R-CLIP-A for 40.1 mm wide PCB’s and screw mount.
  • C14409_FLORENCE-1R-CLIP-B fits straight into aluminum profile (for example LEDiL’s ALVAR or GIZA from Klus), no screws needed.
  • C14751_FLORENCE-1R-CLIP-C for 24 mm wide PCB’s and screw mount



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