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Explore new retail lighting opportunities with LEDiL’s future proof portfolio


Type of Event: Webcast
Presenter Olli Laakkio, Indoor Business Unit Director

Having spoken with many retail lighting designers from around the world to help identify and solve key pain points, we are pleased to demonstrate how LEDiL’s new, future proof portfolio of lenses and reflectors for track and downlights helps to solve common retail lighting weaknesses.

Learn how our new comprehensive product portfolio enables new lighting opportunities that will help you achieve the most efficient, flexible, sustainable, and aesthetically pleasing designs for perfect retail lighting. In choosing LEDiL you can be sure that you will find solution for any need, and everything will work in the system now and in future.



LEDiL Webcast Q & A: Explore new retail lighting opportunities with LEDiL’s future proof portfolio


Many new LEDiL optics have been presented. Are they all available?

Indeed, there are plenty of new lens and reflector variants. Approx. 70 % of all variants are ready and can be found from ledil.com and the rest is on the way and should be ready no later than the beginning of next year.


Is the zoom feature available in lenses of different diameters?

Zoom feature is available in many diameters from our new streamlined portfolio:
AMY family: 25, 35, 45, 50 and 70 mm
YASMEEN family: 50 and 70 mm


What is the IP rate of zoom lenses?

We have not tested the ingress protection of zoom lenses but there shouldn’t be any problem to achieve up to IP40. The idea of the rotating sub lens is that it is held in place by the luminaire body, it fully covers the lens and prevents any gaps in the luminaire body.
One of lens usage advantages compared to reflectors is that no protective glass is needed as the lens top surface protects from contact with LED and dust.


What is the difference between YASMEEN compared to ILONA? Do ILONA lenses work for spot lighting as well?

ILONA is a very well performing lens in 50 mm size but due to design choices it is only HEKLA compatible with no possibility for flange mounting and the size is not easily scalable to cover all popular sizes. YASMEEN offers much more options.


Which LEDiL lenses can be used for wall washing and what is the beam angle of them?

Wall washing beam is presented in RONDA and OLGA families and is coming also to the AMY family (that is why wall washers have been included in the webcast). Wall washing beams are designed for 1/3 installation ratio (1 m – distance from ceiling, 3 m – installation height) and illuminate the wall uniformly from the very edge of the ceiling all the way down. The beam is wide and glare is not an issue.


Do the similar diameters of AMY, YASMEEN and ADELIA fit the same COB-connector so that it is possible to exchange the optics in one luminaire design?

AMY, YASMEEN, and ADELIA are all compatible with HEKLA connectors as well as BJB and B+W connectors with the usage of certain holders and adapters. Fitting them all in the same luminaire body is technically possible but does not make sense because, for example, AMY is designed for low profile luminaires whereas YASMEEN and ADELIA are not. The latter two can fit in the same luminaire body.


Do you have a design guideline for using YASMEEN and ADELIA?

We do have 2D and 3D drawings, product and family datasheets, optical results (simulated and measured), luminaire examples as well as a general installation guide applicable for all lenses. If something is missing, LEDiL tech support can be contacted.


Are these products available for sale in Brazil?

Yes, we do have a good local presence in Brazil including local distributors. Local LEDiL sales contacts can be found here.


What about the maintenance of the fixture including optics? Do you have some recommendations how to keep the fixture clean?

The main material of our optics is PMMA with a long lifetime even in high UV radiation circumstances without turning yellow. Lenses are designed to work properly in thermally challenging applications. Lenses also do not collect dust if a luminaire is properly designed, unlike conventional solutions with reflectors and top glasses where some dust can go inside the luminaire and may visually distract.


How to get the 3D drawings of LEDiL optics?

3D mechanical models of optics can be requested from product pages by pressing “Request a 3D mechanical model” button and entering your contact information.