LEDiL general installation guide
LEDiL General Installation Guide


  1. Please see drawing below for correct fastening hole pattern. Holes have to be deburred. Consult datasheets of COB and connector manufacturers for corresponding hole patterns. COB wiring has to be routed through heat sink underneath the lens in order to not compromise IP rating.

  2. Align the LED in place so that its center point matches to the lens focal position.

  3. stella-t4 LED placement

  4. If more ventilation is needed, pierce the venting pipe open at the lens bottom.

  5. venting pipe location

  6. Place the lens on top. Take note of the beam direction.

  7. Put the frame in place and align the air venting channels. Fasten with 0,4Nm and M4 scres.

make sure aligning the air venting channels between lens and frame

stella-t4 assembled

For more details about the heat sink machining, chemicals, heat control etc. please refer to the LEDiL Installation Guide

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FN15187_STELLA-T4 Product Page

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