ADELY – premium reflector for easy and adaptable luminaire designs

Beautiful illumination with the choice to use reflectors or lenses in the same luminaire body.


Reflectors present a traditional, cost-effective track and downlighting solution, being widely used in various scenarios, including retail and architectural lighting. While lenses offer superior optical control, both reflectors and lenses have their unique roles, each necessitating their own luminaire design.




LEDiL’s latest innovation – ADELY reflector – is uniquely engineered to allow one luminaire body to seamlessly integrate either ADELY reflector or YASMEEN lens. This ingenious feature not only simplifies variant and stock management for luminaire manufacturers but also empowers them with the flexibility to cater to specific projects and individual needs effortlessly.

ADELY is a premium reflector with an outstanding surface and optical quality, enabling it to achieve visual perfection in retail lighting, architectural applications, or any other scenario. ADELY-50 uses the YASMEEN-50 holder, while ADELY-70 employs a holder similar to the YASMEEN-70-HLD. This allows the use of both ADELY reflectors and YASMEEN lenses in the same luminaire.




ADELY offers a wide selection of beams in 15, 24, 36, and 55 degrees, covering all needs in retail lighting. All beams are available in 50- and 70-mm diameters.


Each reflector comes with two types of holder, ensuring extensive compatibility with LEDiL HEKLA, B+W, and BJB connectors. ADELY-50 is optimised for 10 mm LES COBs, while ADELY-70 is designed for 14.5 mm LES COBs.

Simplify your process, amplify your efficiency, and let your luminaires shine with brilliance and versatility.