14th of December 2023

The innovator leads the way, others follow – LEDiL fights against counterfeits

As innovators and originators, our mission is to spread the word about the value of choosing innovation over imitation. Following our emphasis on IPR enforcement, our goal is to shed light on the significance and dedication of Intellectual Property Rights matters at LEDiL.

For 20 years, LEDiL has been advancing the quality of LED light by continuously pushing the boundaries of innovation and becoming the global leader and innovator of LED optics. Shaping the lighting industry with state-of-the-art optical solutions, LEDiL has increasingly been facing counterfeit products and IPR infringements. Therefore, the protection and enforcement of IP rights have become a key process and standard part of LEDiL operations.

In the global marketplace, all means seem to be possible for the imitators who neglect ethics, disregard innovators’ intellectual property rights, and exploit others’ designs for their own gain. While counterfeit products present a high risk of being low-quality and made from substandard materials, the ultimate loser is the customer. Counterfeit products might resemble the originals, but their actual performance is unpredictable. Unfortunately, copycats typically demonstrate little regard for quality, reliability, and testing to ensure these. Thus, the copy product’s performance and compliance with standards and requirements pose a risk for the customer. Also, their ability to provide support and service is poor in comparison to trusted and established original manufacturers. LEDiL remains dedicated to ensuring high customer satisfaction and achieving extraordinary results in a wide range of applications.

At LEDiL we take necessary action to fight any infringements that are made against our intellectual property rights. Thanks to our strong presence in the market, alongside relentless monitoring at exhibitions and IP filings, we have been able to invalidate patents and designs, remove copies from e-commerce platforms, stop trademark hijacks, and actively address patent violations in various instances. Worth mentioning are the injunctions handed down by German courts against Darkoo companies*. The injunctions, inter alia, ban the companies from using, selling, or offering for sale or importing for these purposes in Germany products that infringe LEDiL’s European Patent EP 2 776 883 B1.

Manufacturing, selling, and using counterfeits can even be a crime and punishable by law. The producers of counterfeits exploit the businesses of legitimate manufacturers and endanger the credibility of their customers.

Original LEDiL optics can always be recognized by the LEDiL logo. Always buy from official LEDiL sales or from our official distributor network.

14th of December 2023