Enjoy the lighter side of office life with BRIANNA

Our Bright Light innovation has it all – an awesome look, sleek design, uniform surface illumination, and low UGR.


The office lighting market has traditionally been split between Bright Light solutions, such as basic microprismatic extrusions, and more elegant Dark Light solutions with shades and louvres. However, achieving a low glare level (UGR ≤19) with Bright Light solutions often meant dealing with large, bulky fixtures – until now. Our latest innovation, BRIANNA, is a compact yet powerful Bright Light lens with a uniform surface and low UGR rating, minimising the dark cave and multishadow effect. Are you interested in seeing how BRIANNA can elevate your office lighting?



BRIANNA is a visually appealing, seamless linear lens that delivers exceptional visual comfort. Despite its compact size, this innovative lens enables low-glare lighting (UGR ≤19 @ 1000 lm/ft) with a uniform and pleasant top surface, without sacrificing light output and efficiency. LEDiL’s patent-pending manufacturing technology allows for the creation of sleek luminaires of variable lengths without any gaps. Currently available with a 60-degree beam, BRIANNA is ideal for desk and general office lighting, and a wider beam and other options will be available soon.

Whether you prefer pendant or surface-mounted luminaires, BRIANNA is a perfect fit. In the application pictures below BRIANNA is showcased in a task-related lighting concept with pendant luminaires, as well as in a room-related lighting concept with surface-mounted luminaires. In both scenarios, BRIANNA performs exceptionally well.


Sharing the same LED pitch as DAISY, both lenses can be used in the same luminaire body when used with shades. In addition, the lens is fully compatible with human-centric lighting, offering precise and uniform tunable white support.


Examples of luminaires featuring BRIANNA, with and without shades.

BRIANNA offers a range of options to choose from. With three different sizes – 7X1, 14X1, 28X1 – and optional shades available in black and white with matt finish, they allow a great variety of options to perfect the look of your luminaire.

With several options available, installation of BRIANNA is fast and easy, as can be seen in the video below. Depending on your preference and the design of the luminaire you can choose between integrated side clips, the top flange, or using one of two types of clips (available from LEDiL as accessories) for installation. BRIANNA optics are optimised for 2835 LED clusters to ensure optimal performance and efficiency.


Experience the beauty and comfort of BRIANNA and take your office lighting to the next level.


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