+20 % more efficient street lighting

Street lighting is mainly about visibility, energy efficiency, and calculating the costs.

One of the main goals when designing the new STRADELLA-8-HV-ME3 was to allow our customers to reach as long pole to pole distances with low TI% (threshold incremental) and high Ul (longitudinal uniformity) as possible. Based on our simulation, the lens can easily achieve all these with +80-meter pole spacing.


The ME3 beam is suitable for installations up to 1:6 pole height/distance ratio which can already result in great savings, but in addition, when compared to our previous STRADELLA-8-HV-ME, the ME3 beam can outperform it with around +20 % efficiency, even with lower poles.

STRADELLA-8-HV-ME3 is made from PMMA and is compatible with 3030 and 3535 size mid- and high-power LEDs.