ELISE – The easy connect reflector for retail lighting

Share the clean look and premium light quality throughout the entire product family

LEDiL's ELISE family consists of three different sizes of reflectors suitable for a wide variety of retail environments. These plastic reflectors are HMDS coated to deliver premium light quality for track and downlight luminaires. The 50, 70 and 110 mm sizes mean there should be a reflector for every lighting requirement, ensuring consistent and harmonious lighting across the whole retail space. ELISE makes life a lot easier for lighting manufacturers and designers and the lighting consistency these reflectors deliver helps retail owners build brand presence and enhance the in-store customer experience. ELISE can be easily connected to luminaires using Lumawise LED holders Z50L, Z45L and Z35L developed jointly by LEDiL and TE. The next generation press fit mechanism also means installations is both quick and easy.

Connectivity with TE Lumawise LED Holders

Connects to LEDiL ELISE-50
Connects to LEDiL ELISE-70
Connects to LEDiL ELISE-110
4-2213678-5 (LED Board size 13.5 x 13.5 mm)
4-2213678-3 (LED Board size 12 x 15 mm)
4-2325811-2 (LED Board size 20 x 24 mm)
4-2325807-2 (LED Board size 19 x 19 mm)
4-2325807-3 (LED Board size 19 x 19 mm, layout B)
4-2213480-1 (LED Board size 28 x 28 mm)

LEDiL ELISE spot beam for retail lightingLEDiL ELISE medium beam for retail lightingLEDiL ELISE wide beam for retail lightingLEDiL ELISE extra wide beam for retail lighting

LEDiL easy connect reflector family ELISE for retail lighting



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