HB-2X3 – Ready to sell millions of luminaires?

We are ready for the challenge


Luminaires for industrial lighting are all about high performance (efficiency, W/lm, light uniformity) at the lowest cost possible while still ensuring quality.

To tick all these boxes LEDiL is introducing a new High-Bay lighting lens series with HB-2X3 lens layout in a familiar 50 x 50 mm format. With support for today’s flat 5050 size LEDs these highly efficient led optics can help achieve the best performing and cost-efficient luminaires – worldwide.

HB-2X3-5050-M polarHB-2X3-5050-WW polarHB-2X3-5050-WWW polarHB-2X3-5050-UW polar

Made from PMMA the lenses have a very high typical efficiency of over 94 %. Together with dense lens layouts you can get around 1250 lumen output from a single module with just 6 watts (1 W per LED). If the same module is driven with 18 watts (3 W per LED which is our recommended maximum) you can get around 3500 lumen output from a single lens.




In addition, the unique spiralling waveform on the lens surface is not only beautiful outlook, but also forms an ingenious tunnelling structure to ease airflow and improve thermal control.

With high optical performance (efficiency, W/lm, light uniformity) and patented lens design made from PMMA, LEDiL’s HB-2X3 opens the market for selling quantity with quality.

Click the link below to see a warehouse lighting simulation. Contact our tech support or sales to make the calculations based on your needs.




For more information, sample requests and orders please contact your local LEDiL sales personnel by clicking here.