LINNEA-GC2 – aesthetic low glare linear optic for retail and industrial lighting

Low UGR, visual comfort lighting for Zhaga 1-row board PCBs

LINNEA-GC2 is a low glare version of the highly popular LINNEA family. This optic family helps to strike the perfect balance between vertical illumination and low glare. The uniformly lit, microprismatic lens surface provides low UGR for high visual comfort applications.

LINNEA-GC2 maintains the consistent family look with a flat surface for a clean, aesthetic look. Made from PMMA, LINNEA-GC2 has a fixed LED pitch with 24 LEDs for excellent vertical illumination.


As with all members of the LINNEA family, LINNEA-GC2 can be easily installed with the integrated clips for 1 mm thick surfaces. The luminaire look can be finished using the optional end caps.

LINNEA-GC2 is available in 284 x 43 mm/1 ft length with a range of symmetrical and asymmetrical beams. See LINNEA-G2 in action for supermarket aisle lighting.