New products – September 15, 2022


BILLIE lenses, with their unique cut holder design, are the perfect companion for compact, uniform billboard lighting.

The newly released S-beam has an asymmetric spot beam with ~17° tilt and is compatible with up to 3535 size LED packages.

The assembly comes with a pre-attached tape for installation.

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LEDiL_BILLIE-S-WHT_polar_curve APPLICATION-EXAMPLE-Billboard_lighting_with_BILLIE-S_icon

STRADA-IP-24-T3-M & -T4-B

The IP-24 lenses allow for more versatile luminaires and reduced expenses in your portfolio, logistics, and energy use.


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Wide IESNA Type IV forward-throw beam for wide area lighting such as car parks.

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LEDiL_STRADA-IP-24-T4-B_polar_curve APPLICATION-EXAMPLE-Marketplace_and_Parking_lot_lighting_with_STRADA-IP-24-VSM_and_T4-B_icon



IESNA Type III (medium) beam with excellent backlight control, illuminance uniformity, and cutoff.

Made from PC. PMMA version coming.

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LEDiL_STRADA-IP-24-T3-M-PC_polar_curve APPLICATION-EXAMPLE-C3_street_lighting_with_STRADA-IP-24-T3-M_icon


Ingress protected, cost-efficient 64 lens array for mid-power LEDs. Ideal for industrial and area lighting.

The new T4-B version has a wide IESNA Type lV forward-throw beam ideal for illuminating wide outdoor areas such as car parks.

Available in PMMA and PC.

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LEDiL_STRADELLA-IP-64-T4-B_polar_curve APPLICATION-EXAMPLE-Parking_lot_lighting_with_STRADELLA-IP-64-T4-B_icon


Highlighting the best in architectural design.

VERONICA-SQ-WG features a narrow asymmetric spot beam for stunning light quality, delivering the best wall grazing effects.

This square shaped wall grazing beam allows lighting designs of stunning light quality that draw attention to the aesthetics of the illuminated surface and accentuate the beauty of the architecture.

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LEDiL_Polar_VERONICA-SQ-WG.jpg Application_example_linear_luminaire_with_VERONICA-SQ-WG