Not shy of competition – SPORT-IP-24

Complementing the previously released SPORT-2X2, SPORT-IP-24 brings game-changing sport lighting beams to widely scalable ingress protected IP-24 arrays.


Why IP-24?

One key benefit of the IP-24 platform is its true scalability. The same luminaire design can be used to meet the highest efficiency or extreme lumen output by under-powering or maxing out the LED performance. To boost luminaire efficiency even more, the ingress protected array allows the creation of simple, ultra-powerful weatherproof luminaires without the need for additional protective cover.

Read more about the benefits of LEDiL’s IP-24 platform in this article: STRADA-IP-24 – Real value for luminaire designers and end-users

For all sports

LEDiL’s SPORT-family optics are designed specifically for sports lighting to meet the standards and requirements of different sports and ensure optimal lighting conditions for both players and spectators. From training fields to full scale stadiums, ski centres, golf courses, horse riding and racetracks – SPORT is for everyone.

Sports lightingGood sport lighting
- Is three dimensional
- Must be spatially uniform and avoid shadows
- Must be bright, but not cause glare
- Ensures optimum playability
- Is safe and pleasing for players and spectators
- Helps avoid nuisance light (spill light and light pollution)
- Provides the lowest cost of ownership
- Complies with standards and regulations
- Saves energy


To learn more about sports lighting download our application guide, or get access to the previously held webcast and presentation materials.

Just SPORT it

Putting our words into action please look at the examples below, or let us evaluate the performance of your lighting project with SPORT optics by contacting our Tech Support.



Our new SPORT-IP-24 optics are optimised for flat high-power 5050 size LED packages and all our SPORT optics are available in either regular PMMA or High-Temperature PMMA for increased heat resistance.

To get LEDiL SPORT optics for your luminaires contact our sales personnels.