Superb light quality with compact LEILA-Y and TINA-Y optics

Multiple beam patterns and excellent beam control

The popular and well-established LEILA and TINA product families welcome two new subfamilies: LEILA-Y and TINA-Y, complementing and extending the classic LEILA and TINA families.

CA18089_LEILA-Y-RS_(Osram_Oslon_Square_Flat_KW_CSLPM2_PC)LEDiL LEILA-Y-SSC18084_LEILA-Y-M_DURIS-S8_20210310_10MnewCA18092_LEILA-Y-W_Simulated_OSL150newC18086_LEILA-Y-WW_XP-G3_20210310_10Mnew

Following the highly regarded YASMEEN design principles the new lenses offer beautiful aesthetic beams with superb light quality, excellent light control, and precise cutoff.


Together with a compact footprint, all these features combine to make LEILA-Y and TINA-Y ideal for architectural, wall-washing, and outdoor façade lighting applications.


With the familiar diameter and height dimensions of the classic LEILA and TINA families, both optics are optimized for 3535, compatible with up to 5050 LED packages and offer a variety of 10-, 14-, 25-, 36-, 55- degree beams as well as an oval 45 + 15-degree beam.

These compact lenses are available with a black and a soon coming white holder and allow fast and easy fastening with holder, installation tape, and pins.

If you would like to learn more about LEILA-Y and TINA-Y optics, please contact our sales.
You can download IES files on the product pages.