New products – November 16, 2022


Compact LEILA-Y and TINA-Y lenses are now also available with white holders complementing and extending the classic LEILA and TINA families. The new assemblies offer a variety of symmetrical and asymmetrical beams with excellent beam control. They enable fast, easy fastening with holder, installation tape, and pins.

With a compact footprint, beautiful aesthetic beams, excellent light control, good colour mixing, and precise cutoff, these new lenses are ideal for architectural, wall-washing, and outdoor façade lighting installations.

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track-light-example-with-leila-y track-light_luminaire_with_LEILA-Y-track-light-example-with-tina-y track-light_luminaire_with_TINA-Y


Create biologically sustainable lighting with LEDiL AMBER lenses.

Eliminate blue light and provide always warm colours with white light LEDs.

With LEDiL’s new amber coloured lenses the spectral area that contains blue light can be almost completely eliminated while maintaining a good level of optical performance and providing safe night-time illumination for everyone. By eliminating these wavelengths, the AMBER-2X2 is also limiting light pollution and therefore skyglow, allowing easier observation of the stars above.

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