VIOLET gets narrower and wider beams to target more UV-C light on pathogens

LEDiL’s VIOLET is the first standard silicone optic especially designed for professional UV-C lighting – with two new beams now available.

VIOLET-RS has a narrow 14-degree light distribution and therefore provides a great peak and greater reach than any other VIOLET version. This makes VIOLET-RS the perfect solution for UV-C applications that need to cover long distances such as upper air disinfection.

VIOLET-W has around 60-degree light distribution allowing a wider and efficient spread from close distances.

All VIOLET optics are ingress protected and come with a stainless-steel frame.

Contact our sales team to learn more about VIOLET and check out our application examples for UV-C using VIOLET below.

uvgi violet



HEALTH WARNING: UV-C is a high energy form of radiation, exposure to which is a possible health risk to humans and can also harm some materials. High dosages of UV-C can lead to serious burns, skin cancer etc. Very short UV wavelengths also produce ozone and can be considered a health risk at higher concentrations. As UV-C light is completely invisible to the human eye, it is good practice to incorporate some visible light LEDs such as blue to indicate your light source is turned on.