DAISY-MINI-3X1 – where modularity and flexibility meet

Small Dark Light lens for flexible luminaire designs


Modularity and flexibility help achieve perfect lighting in a multitude of applications. Modular luminaires enable optimal lighting for specific settings while creating a beautiful, cohesive and consistent look to bring out the best in different spaces.

DAISY-MINI-3X1 is a new small Dark Light optic ideal for retail, office, and hospitality lighting. This modular linear lens enables the creation of various sleek luminaire designs with different shapes and configurations.


The whole DAISY family is known for elegant, low glare (UGR <19) human centric lighting and DAISY-MINI-3X1 is no exception, giving even more freedom to design luminaires that meet the highest standards of look and lighting.



DAISY-MINI-3X1 is only 21 mm wide and 59,7 mm long and has 55- and 65-degree beams with clear and diffused lenses optimised for 2835 2X1 LED clusters with rotation. The shade is available in black with a gloss or matt finish.

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Indoor/Office lighting/Dark light

Indoor/Office lighting/UGR optimized lighting

Indoor/Office lighting/Downlighting

Indoor/Architectural indoor lighting/Accent lighting

Indoor/Architectural indoor lighting/Downlighting

Indoor/Retail lighting/Downlighting