New products – December 13, 2022


Narrow oval beam for architectural lighting

Tiny lens with huge capabilities

LISA3 family of miniature TIR-lenses gets a narrow oval beam – O2 for up to 3535 size LED packages and topside emitting CSPs with location clip or pin installation.

The small size allows creation of powerful micro luminaires or clusters.



Low glare street lighting optic capable of meeting Japanese and European street lighting requirements with 1:5 mounting height ratio.

Made from PC.



Where modularity and flexibility meet

Small Dark Light lens for flexible luminaire designs

DAISY-MINI-3X1 is a new small Dark Light optic ideal for retail, office, and hospitality lighting. This modular linear lens enables the creation of various sleek luminaire designs with different shapes and configurations.

AMY oval

The smart choice for aisle lighting

Perfectly highlight products on retail shelves and horizontal displays with fewer luminaires

The AMY family of low-profile lenses for slim and elegant track and downlights now offers an oval beam perfect for achieving uniform, glare free, beautiful lighting on shelves where it is needed most.


For slim and elegant wide diameter downlights

Beautiful illumination for hospitality environments

The highly popular AMY family now includes lenses for wide downlight designs with the addition of a 110 mm diameter subfamily. AMY-110 is available in four beautiful, clean beams with good cutoff and is perfect for tunable white applications.


The perfect office worker just got smaller

Compact desk lighting solution for ever changing office environments

DAISY-MINI-FT-D is a new, compact, forward throw Dark Light optic that is ideal for flexible desk lighting and enables the creation of compact, sleek, and stylish luminaires.