LEDiL announces the addition of JULIA-A lenses to its already expansive range of precision-engineered optics. JULIA-A is a rotationally symmetrical lens that produces batwing light emission pattern, which allows LEDs such as Cree’s XP Series or Philips Lumileds’ Rebel and Rebel-ES Series, to achieve over 90 % uniformity on display surfaces 50-100 mm from the PCB. Since these and other similar LEDs are inherently point-sources of light, JULIA-A lenses enable the LEDs to be used in a wide-variety of backlighting applications.

Typical applications include backlight roadway signage and channel letters, architectural effect lighting, under-cabinet and cove lighting, as well as museum and display lights. Other enabled applications include 360⁰ warning beacons, backlighting of emergency lights and exit signs, and interior mood lighting on vehicles such as buses, rail coach cars and commercial aircraft.

JULIA-A achieves light distribution with greater than 90 % uniformity when directed to a parallel surface located between 50 mm and 100 mm from the PCB. Recommended LED spacing is 100 mm. The lens is less than 19 mm in diameter and only 4.66 mm tall (4.81 mm with optional tape). Precise mounting is ensured by the addition of two 0.63 mm mounting pins and the product is available with optional automotive-grade polyurethane foam mounting tape for easy and reliable installation. LEDiL molds JULIA-A from optical-grade, UV-stabilized PMMA plastic.




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