SPORT-2X2 – All you need to know

Game-changing low glare optics for all types of sports lighting


Designing and developing new sports lighting is not the simplest task. Sport lighting must take into account players, spectators, broadcasters and officials without spilling light into the environment or creating nuisance light for the local community. And of course we mustn’t forget the wide variety of different sports and their unique requirements.

Indoor sports lightingOutdoor sports lighting
Artificial lighting is needed for:

- Consistent and adequate
lighting levels

- Safe conditions

- Can be a combination of
artificial lighting and daylight
Indoor_sports_lighting_ledilArtificial lighting enables:

- Adequate, uniform levels of light regardless of weather

- Optimised conditions for
various sports

- Necessary for televised
sports events
Creates a pleasant and enjoyable experience for everyone.Extends the hours of play.

LEDiL’s SPORT-2X2 is a dedicated led lighting optic family designed to tackle all these targets.

With symmetrical and asymmetrical beams designed for low glare sports lighting floodlights they provide optimal lighting conditions for both players and spectators, and are also neighbourhood friendly. The S-beams are so called “special spots” with the most power and punch while FT stands for ”forward throw”’ to provide more reach.


Optimised for high-power 3535 flat (high intensity) and compatible with up to 5050 size flat LED packages SPORT-2X2 optics allow the creation of extremely energy efficient lighting installations.

In addition to our regular PMMA with high efficiency, all SPORT-2X2 lenses are available in High Temperature PMMA to allow more power and heat resistance.

To get SPORT-2X2 for your luminaires, or to ask for more information, please contact your nearest sales personnel.

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