SPORT-2X2-S1 – Our narrowest, most powerful sport beam + new optic material for higher temperatures

SPORT-2X2-S1 provides a highly efficient narrow beam that can illuminate playing fields with superb candelas and uniformity from a great distance. In addition to its performance and suitability for different sports the S1 can help reduce sky glow outdoors.

Thanks to excellent beam control, only around 1 % of light leaks above the horizon level (ULR - Upward light ratio), and trespass light in the surrounding area is kept to an absolute minimum. This makes the SPORT-2X2-S1 a perfect fit for everything from the biggest stadiums and arenas to rural or residential areas where nuisance light needs to be kept to a minimum.


All SPORT-2X2 optics are available in either regular PMMA or High-Temperature PMMA for increased heat resistance. Lenses are optimized for flat high-power 3535 and compatible with up to 5050 size flat LED packages.

For more information or to order samples please contact your local LEDiL sales representative, distributor or LEDiL directly.

To evaluate SPORT-2X2’s performance for your lighting project please contact our Tech Support.

See how to illuminate a football field using SPORT-2X2-S1 optics

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