SPORT-2X2 - Game-changing, low glare optics for all types of sports lighting

LEDiL SPORT-2X2 optics ensure optimal lighting conditions for both players and spectators that meet the standards and requirements of different sports. Beams are designed for symmetrical and asymmetrical low glare sports floodlights. SPORT-2X2 optics enable the creation of energy efficient solutions that are also neighbour friendly.

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SPORT-2X2 has minimal backlight, measures 50 x 50 mm and is made from PMMA. The lenses are optimized for HP 3535 flat LED packages and compatible with up to 5050 size flat LED packages.

See SPORT-2X2 in action on a football pitch and in a multi-purpose indoor sports facility.

Learn how to illuminate football pitch and multi-purpose indoor sports facilities with LEDiL optics

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