STRADA-2X2 & ME3 – Going the distance

LEDiL’s new STRADA-2X2 lens with ME3 beam stretches LED light to its maximum reach.

Designed for highly efficient flat 5050 size LED packages STRADA-2X2-5050-ME3 shapes light to meet M3 and M4 requirements with super long pole distances. In addition to its reach this new optic has low TI% (threshold increment) and high Ul (uniformity).

Why is it important for a street light luminaire to be able to reach long pole distances?

The total cost (or savings) for one street light pole with all work included can be around 3000 to 5000 €

– Offers the possibility for a luminaire manufacturer
to enter more tenders

More sustainable in terms of stress on
the environment and materials needed

Less maintenance

See how the lens performs in the application example below, or contact our technical support to evaluate the performance for your street lighting needs.


STRADA-2X2-5050-ME3 is the perfect beam for efficient street lighting with long pole distances. The lens is made from PMMA, mounted with screws and shares the familiar 50 x 50 mm footprint originally introduced by LEDiL.

To get ME3 optics for your luminaires please contact our sales.