The best zoom optic on the market – ILONA-ZOOM

Packs the most punch and has the highest efficiency in the industry with well controlled cut-off

ILONA-ZOOM is a patent pending rotation zoom optic enabling an infinitely adjustable beam from 13 to 48 degrees in a compact package.
ILONA-ZOOm beam range
The unique hybrid optical technology enables a zoomable beam without axially moving parts which allows creation of simpler, more compact and cost-efficient luminaires. ILONA-ZOOM is optimized for 4–9 mm and compatible with up 14.5 mm LES size COBs. ILONA-ZOOM is compatible with LEDiL HEKLA connectors and can be interchanged with all ILONA variants in the same luminaire. With excellent tunable white capabilities ILONA-ZOOM is suitable for a wide range of applications, including retail, showrooms, museums, and theatres.
key facts about LEDiL zoom optic ILONA-ZOOM

See ILONA-ZOOM in action

Build luminaires with zoom optic that are simpler, more compact and cost efficient than ever before!

Download 3D model of luminaire examples using ILONA-ZOOM or ILONA
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