AMY oval – the smart choice for aisle lighting

Perfectly highlight products on retail shelves and horizontal displays with fewer luminaires


The AMY family of low-profile lenses for slim and elegant track and downlights now also offers an oval beam in 35-, 50- and 70-mm sizes providing optimal light for various retail applications.

An oval beam is an ideal solution for aisle lighting, helping achieve uniform, beautiful lighting on shelves where it is needed most and without creating unwanted glare. With an aisle optimised beam, fewer luminaires are needed, as can be seen in the pictures below. With the same number of luminaires – the spot beam is clearly not up to the task, whereas the oval performs well.

Supermarket lighting comparison oval vs spot

In addition to aisle lighting, an oval beam can be used for illuminating any longitudinal objects, like display cases, indoor signage, and shelves.


Oval-beam illustration product displayOval-beam illustration shelvesOval beam illustration sign

AMY-35 and AMY-50 are optimized for up to 10 mm LES size COBs and AMY-70 for up to 14.5 mm LES size COBs. These COB lenses can be easily attached to the luminaire using the top flange or the two holders for HEKLA, B+W and BJB connectors.


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