Our bright star YASMEEN now features a new, improved holder

No light leakage, better thermal performance, and less space required.

When it comes to best-in-class spotlighting with no spill light and a supreme look, YASMEEN is the way to go. One of our brightest stars is the patent-pending lens, YASMEEN, designed for high-end track lights. It comes in the most popular sizes (Ø70 mm, Ø50 mm, Ø35 mm) and beams (10˚, 15˚, 26˚, 36˚, 60˚). In addition to symmetrical beams, award-winning zoom variants are available in 50- and 70-mm sizes that offer endless lighting possibilities.

As part of our continuous product improvement process, we are thrilled to introduce a new and improved holder for YASMEEN lenses that comes with several significant benefits. With no side openings the new holder prevents any light leakage and provides better thermal performance thanks to a larger COB opening. In addition, the lens stays securely in place and requires less space in the luminaire due to the holder’s shape.

The new holder is available now, in both black and white for all YASMEEN-50 and -70 variants and replaces the old holder which will remain available to order for the next six months.
Although the holder design of YASMEEN-35 is slightly different, it still provides the same benefits as the new holder and is offered for other sizes.

How do you know which YASMEEN-50 and 70 holder variants you have? Assembly codes for the new holders end with ‘2’, while assembly codes for the old holder have no number at the end. For example, CP17408_YASMEEN-70-S-C fits the old holder, whereas CP18751_YASMEEN-70-S-C2 comes with the new holder.

We have also improved the process of managing YASMEEN product information on our website. Now, all mechanical variants of a particular beam are consolidated into a single product page, providing you with all the necessary information, including ordering codes for assemblies with new holders.

YASMEEN-35 is optimised for COBs with LES sizes of up to 6 mm, YASMEEN-50 for up to 10 mm, and -70 for up to 14.5 mm. Click the video to learn more about our amazing product family, or contact LEDiL sales.





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