Zoom goes smaller with AMY-25-ZOOM

Easily adjustable beam angle for perfect field of vision

Small in size, AMY-25-ZOOM is the perfect solution for compact, handheld devices such as headlamps and torches, making it possible to adjust the beam angle on the go.

The already wide selection of AMY family low-profile lenses now gets a 25 mm zoom variant that shares the same design principles with LEDiL’s other zoom optics. No axially moving parts, simple luminaire design, stable efficiency and uniform colour quality throughout the whole zoom range makes LEDiL award-winning zoom technology a true hit.

AMY-25-ZOOM can also be used in small track and downlights allowing the possibility to adjust lighting according to changing retail, architectural, and museum set ups.

Optimised for 3535 LED packages and compatible with up to 7070 LED packages, AMY-25-ZOOM features an infinitely adjustable beam from 20 to 50 degrees.