Zoom goes slim with AMY zoom

LEDiL’s award-winning zoom portfolio welcomes AMY variants.

The need to adapt lighting quickly in response to changing retail or museum setups has always been essential. LEDiL's award-winning zoom technology has increased the appeal of zoom optics in the lighting market due to their high efficiency and the absence of axially moving parts. Since its introduction in 2019, our portfolio of innovative zoom optics has expanded to cover all major diameters and luminaire sizes, offering even greater flexibility in lighting design. LEDiL's zoom optics offer an infinitely adjustable beam ranging from 15 to 50 degrees, providing greater flexibility in lighting design. Additionally, these optics are compatible with other beams in the same luminaire design, making them easy to integrate into lighting systems.
The compact lens family AMY now includes three new zoom variants in 45 mm, 50 mm, and 70 mm sizes, bringing the total number of zoom variants to five. This allows for all types of luminaire designs, from small pocket devices to larger slim track lights. The slim AMY optics enable the creation of compact track lights that can accommodate both standard and zoom beams in a single body. This provides the freedom to easily customise the luminaire portfolio and lighting setups according to changing needs. Installation of AMY-50- and -70-ZOOM optics into luminaires is easy with black or white holders that provide compatibility with LEDiL HEKLA connectors and sockets. AMY-45-ZOOM can be easily installed in a luminaire using the top flange of the lens.
AMY-45- and -50-ZOOM optics are optimized for COBs with LES sizes up to 10 mm, while AMY-70-ZOOM optics are optimized for COBs with LES sizes up to 14.5 mm. It is worth noting that the widest zoom range, which also covers narrow angles, can be achieved with smaller COBs, e.g. when using AMY-70-ZOOM with 10 mm LES size COBs.
With the latest addition of three new zoom variants, LEDiL's award-winning zoom technology is now offered in four different product families, totaling nine variants. We are convinced zoom optics will revolutionise the traditional luminaire market, bringing real benefits to all parties, including luminaire manufacturers, exhibition owners, and end consumers. We invite you to join us in this revolution by choosing LEDiL zoom optics!








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