NEW PRODUCTS - 2018-09-13

VICTORIA - power and uniformity in high bay installations without glare. Second generation BARBARA-G2 reflector is now ready to ship and the latest addition to the STRADA family, STRADA-2X2-5050 with a T2-C beam is now available.

LEDiL new product VICTORIA for industrial LED lighting LEDiL new BARBARA-G2 reflectors available now LEDiL new STRADA-2X2-5050 modules for flat 5050 size LED packages


With a power output of up to 40 000 lumens LEDiL’s new powerhouse optic is sure to brighten up not just your day, but also your highbay. This 160 optical gem offers incredible optical performance while eliminating colour-over-angle-artefacts from the beam.

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LEDiL’s 2nd generation BARBARA reflectors are now available to order. Compatibility with HEKLA sockets and connectors with a bayonet fastening mechanism makes installation and replacement quick and easy. With optimized performance for the latest midsized COBs and support for LEDiL’s RZ-sublens accessory for colour mixing, BARBARA can be used in a wide range of applications from retail to stage lighting with full RGB and tunable white.

Go to BARBARA-G2 tunable white application guide


We love STRADA, and we know you do too. That’s why, when following the latest LED trends in the market, we have decided to offer dedicated versions for flat 5050 size LED packages. The first lens available is called T2-C with IESNA Type II (medium) light distribution designed for tilted and long armatures.