NEW PRODUCTS - 2018-07-06

LEDiL CARMEN-50 optics with white holder LEDiL MOLLY optics for track- and spotlights with BJB-interface LEDiL STELLA-G2-T2 silicone optic with IESNA Type II(medium) light distribution LEDiL STELLA-G2-T4 silicone optics with IESNA Type IV light distribution 100 x 100 mm 28-up lens module with asymmetric IESNA Type I (short) light distribution New 2X2 STRADA LED lens with IESNA Type III (medium) beam New IESNA Type II (long) beam for LEDiL STRADA-IP-2X6 family New IESNA Type III (long) beam type for LEDiL STRADA-IP-2X6 street lighting optics family New LEDiL baseparts


Make your retail lighting shine brighter and more efficiently with our new white 50 mm CARMEN optics. Beam angles available from ultra-narrow 10° to as wide as 50°.


MOLLY is a one-piece PMMA optic for track- and spotlights that can be installed directly into different sockets and connectors. This means more compact luminaire designs and easier maintenance. Now available with medium and wide light distributions for BJB-interface.


Ø90 mm silicone optics with IESNA Type II (medium) light distribution suitable for European P-class standard pedestrian lighting and M-class roads, and IESNA Type IV for wider roads and area lighting for places such as car parks and gardens.


100 x 100 mm 28-up lens module with asymmetric IESNA Type I (short) light distribution. Results in a Type II light distribution with tilted poles. Ingress protection for up to IP67 and available in both PMMA and PC.


Aren’t there enough street lighting beams already? We don’t think so and are on a mission to provide solutions for all kinds of streets and needs. So now it’s time to launch ingress protected 2X6 lenses with IESNA Type II and III (long) light distributions.


New 2X2 STRADA lens with IESNA Type III (medium) beam for CSP LEDs.


Two new standard LEDiL baseparts in two different interfaces to expand compatibility for LENA, LENINA, ANGELA, ANGELINA, ANGELETTE, MOLLY and RONDA with VERO13, VERO18 and VERO29 COB LEDs.