New products – December 2, 2021

LISA3 clip lenses

The ever popular LISA3 and LISA3CSP product families welcome new clip variant additions: LISA3-XX-CLIP16 and LISA3CSP-XX-CLIP16.

These tiny new lenses enable quick and easy clip fastening for use with 1.6 mm thick PCBs in multiple applications.

The new clip variants are available in a diverse selection of beam angles, ranging from real spot, to wide, and even an oval pattern: available as 15-, 25-, 35-, 45-, 60- and oval 20+50-degree beams.

LISA3 clip variants are optimized for 3535 HP LEDs and compatible with 3535 MP LEDs. LISA3CSP variants are optimized for top side emitting CSP LEDs.

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The OLGA indoor lighting family provides compact elegant lighting for any indoor space. This lens family welcomes a new 60-degree wide beam ideal for track lighting and downlight designs in indoor architectural applications.

OLGA-WW can be fitted with up to 7070 size LED packages and also up to 6 mm COBs. . OLGA-WW is available as lens only or lens plus holder assembly.

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LINDA-40 is a new addition to the LINDA family of free pitch extrusion lenses now available in a 40 mm wide option.

LINDA-40 comes in five beams with accurate beam control ideal for retail and industrial lighting solutions.

LINDA-40 offers innovative installation by clipping to the same screws that a PCB is installed with, enabling wide compatibility with different luminaire designs.

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