LINDA-40 – versatile 40 mm free pitch extrusion

Zhaga compatible extrusion with innovative installation

LINDA-40 is a new addition to the LINDA family of free pitch extrusion lenses now available in a 40 mm wide option. The lenses are made from PMMA and are available in standard lengths of 1140 and 3010 mm with custom lengths available on request.

LINDA-40 comes in five beams with accurate beam control ideal for retail and industrial lighting solutions. All variants share the same width and are compatible with up to 24 mm wide, single row, mid-power Zhaga PCBs.


With good efficiency, LINDA-40 enables the creation of efficient, seamless luminaires without any visible gaps. LINDA-40 offers innovative installation using the same screws that a PCB is installed with, enabling wide compatibility with different luminaire designs.

See how easy it is to install LINDA-40 from the video below.



For more information or to order samples please contact your local LEDiL sales representative, distributor or LEDiL directly.

To evaluate LINDA-40 performance for your lighting project please contact our Tech Support.