NEW PRODUCTS - 2018-11-13

LEDiL New SITARA-HB-M for industrial lighting LEDiL New product STRADELLA-16-T2 for IESNA Type II LEDiL New product CLAUDIA for retail lighting LEDiL new LINNEA-GC-90 for demanding retail lighting LEDiL new IRIE IR lighting lens


18 x 18 mm cost-effective single lens for industrial lighting with ~65° light distribution. Made from PC and is optimized for flat high-power 5050 size LED packages such as Duris S8, Luxeon 5050 and Cree MHB.


50 x 50 mm 16 lens array with industry standard form factor and same lumen density as with STRADA-2X2 and STRADELLA-8 . First version available is IESNA Type II (medium) beam. Applicable for European P-class standard pedestrian lighting and M-class roads.


CLAUDIA is LEDiL’s newest glare controlled linear lens family for cost-effective retail lighting. The unique optical sun pattern design delivers smooth light distribution with good vertical illumination, perfect for supermarkets.

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An extension to the popular LINNEA product family LINNEA-GC-90 provides a uniform lit surface with improved glare control. The aesthetically pleasing design makes LINNEA-GC-90 especially suitable for retail environments where visual appearance is important.

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IRIE is LEDiL’s new low profile IR lens for near field applications for distances from 1–5 m and a wide field of angle. Optimized for a 4:3 aspect ratio IRIE has a unique batwing beam distribution for uniform irradiance.

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